Simple, yet delicious favourites;
Tomato sauce, mozzarella, fresh basil.  Simple and delicious.   

Sliced pepperoni and mozzarella (a popular choice)

Peppers, mushrooms, red onion, cherry tomatoes and olives  

Hawaiian (controversial toppings but loved by many)!
Mozzarella, Wiltshire ham and pineapple

Gourmet;  The toppings on these gourmet pizzas are specially sourced or homemade

Pizza ai frutti di mare
A delicious tomato sauce with white wine, garlic, prawns, tuna, anchovies and lemon (topped with rocket and parmesan shavings).  - You've never tasted anything like this!

Formaggio di Capra -  No tomato sauce
Goats cheese, sweet-flamed peppers, red onion with a fresh, homemade pesto base and topped with rocket.

Carne speziata (Italian meats with a spicy kick)
Tomato based sauce, salami picante, parma ham, pepperoni, jalapenos, black olives and chilli flakes, topped with creamy mozzarella - optional anchovies

Andalouse (Spanish flavours)
Chorizo, red onion, mixed peppers and chilli  

Prosciutto e Funghi
Prosciutto ham, sauteed garlic mushrooms & black olives, topped with rocket

Slow-cooked, homemade Bolognese sauce topped with mozzarella and served with rocket & parmesan

Milano - No tomato sauce
Creamy gorgonzola dolce, caramelised red onion and thyme, topped with sliced tomatoes

Our pizzas have a thin, light crust and come topped with  mozzarella and a rich, homemade tomato sauce (unless stated otherwise).

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